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‘Kids Calm Kit’

‘Kids Calm Kit’

"Kids Cakm Kit" has come about due to the current pandemic to assist children cope with the huge changes and emotions they are experiencing. I have collaborated with Maryanne Eve, MHSW on this offering in the hope that we can help bring peace and calm to as many homes as possible during this very frightening and confusing time.


What's in it the kit...


* 'Sweet Dreams & Moon Beams' calming sleep spray and 'Calm Your Farm' roller blend are made with combinations of essential oils to specifically target emotions of unrest, overwhelm, anxiety, hyperactivity, worry and sleep issues.

* Amethyst crystal

* 2 x kids affirmation cards by Maryanne Eve, MHSW.

* A little note for your child detailing the kit - in kid speak 😊


As a bonus you will also receive the links to Maryanne Eve's YouTube channel and podcasts, where she has shifted her in-demand and highly sought after 'Kid's Mindfulness and Meditation'  classes - completely FREE.