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Soul Bombs  - individual.

Soul Bombs - individual.

Soul Bombs are a treatment for the soul while you bathe ! “Self-Love”, “Abundance”, “Clarity”, “Healing”, "Harmony" and "Truth"are made from toxin free ingredients with 100% pure essential oils and a crystal. Infuse your body and soul with nature’s gifts while you float in a warm and embracing bath .

Self Love (pink) - Rose Quartz- Rose & Geranium essential oils.

Abundance (gold) - Citrine - Wild Orange & Frankincense eo's.

Clarity (white) - Clear Quartz - Clary Sage & Roman Chamomile * Clary Sage is not safe for use during pregnancy.

Healing (purple) - Amethyst -  Lavender & Patchouli eo's

Truth (white/blue) - Sodalite - Juniper Berry & Ylang Ylang eo's

Harmony (green) - Aventurine - Lavender & Rose eo's.


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