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Bath Soak Tubes -

Bath Soak Tubes -

Single serve bath soaks in glass test tubes. Choose from 'Rose Milk Bath', 'Calm Bath Tea', 'Flower Child' Bath Soak' and 'Earthed'

Don't know which one to buy ? See Gifts / Packs for options and pricing. 

  • Care for your product.

    There are ZERO preservatives in Earth Mother Flower Child products. To get the best possible shelf life out of your product make sure to follow these guidelines :

    * Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

    * Keep out of damp and humid areas.

    * If heat is unavaoidable, refrigerate your product.

    * Always use a spatula, NOT fingers, to remove required amounts of salves, butters, moisturisers, scrubs ect. ( our little fingers are the worst spreaders of bacteria in our skincare products ! )